New members

Would you like to join a Club that enjoys Saturday Competitions, welcomes both new, casual and competitive golfers, as well as social members?

If so, please take a look at the rates below.

Please call 01481242634 or email for more information.


18-20 £551.00
21-24 £659.00
25-29 £822.00
30-65 £984.00
65 over £944.00

* plus £70.00 Club Card

The above amounts are inclusive of Club subs, Green Fee and all Union Fees.

Club Card

All members under 70 years are required to subscribe to our club card system and place £70.00 each year on the card. This is your own money to be spent in our friendly bar on food and drinks. This is to be spent at the Clubhouse during a calendar year - 1st January - 31st December. If you do not spend your initial £70.00, during the year - you forfeit any balance remaining.
Spend your initial £70.00 and top up (minimum £30.00) during the current year and any balance remaining will be carried over to the next year.
Any top up receives an extra 10% courtesy of the Club each time.


Locker £25 p/a (Deposit £75.00)
Trolley Shed £15 p/a (subject to availability)
Hole in One £5.00 p/a "insurance"


£120.00 inclusive of £70.00 Club Card

  • 2023-12-01
  • 2023-12-02
  • 2023-12-03
  • 2023-12-04
  • 2023-12-05
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