The Sunflower Project and The Guernsey Alzheimer's

Captain Bill Le Huray - 2022

The Sunflower Project
is a support service for children and young people when they have experienced a bereavement or someone in the family has a serious illness. It provides one to one support and group sessions for children of school age and offers information, advice and resources for parents and carers. The service is part of the Youth Commission and is entirely funded by charitable donations. Website 
Message from Denise of The Sunflower Project

The Guernsey Alzheimer’s Association was formed in the summer of 2009. The charity developed its core services of social activity, education, support, and respite care at home.The Guernsey Alzheimer’s Association was greatly honoured by the gift from Her Majesty of “The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service” in 2010. Millie’s Foundation in Alderney was adopted as an Associate Member in 2013.The needs of carers are not always recognized. Many of the volunteers have experience of caring for family and fully understand the concerns of those who visit us. They offer information, advice, companionship and support. Website

MUG - Male Uprising Guernsey

Captain Alan Mahy - 2020/2021

The focus of Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG) is to increase awareness and promote education around the symptoms and treatment of prostate, bowel and testicular cancers.

Funds raised are also used to improve the diagnosis and care of local men suffering with male cancers.

The Captain presented a cheque to MUG for £5,000 (2021 amount to be announced). This fantastic amount has been raised in various ways during 2020, so thank you to all Members for raising such an amount during a difficult year for all.

Male Uprising Guernsey aims to get men, whatever their age, to be more confident, outgoing and questioning of their health symptoms. Most importantly, we encourage men to seek medical advice and assistance at the earliest opportunity - as procrastination or delays can have deadly consequences.

nkf - Kidney Patients UK

Captain Micky Boot - 2019

The National Kidney Federation is unique because, although there are a large number of kidney charities, the NKF is the national kidney charity actually run by Kidney Patients for Kidney Patients.
Most Renal units have a Kidney patient Association (KPA) specifically attached to that unit, however, in January1979 these independent charities realised that they needed a national organisation to fight their cause as renal provision was in dire difficulties, overstretched, and under resourced. If ever there was a case of post code provision, renal disease was it! Currently there are 69 KPAs and they come together as the controlling Council of the National Kidney Federation, the KPAs are both the ears and the eyes of the NKF and its controlling force. Patients are the Officers of the NKF, the Executive Committee of the NKF and the workforce of the NKF. Apart from six members of staff, all other personnel are either Kidney patients or carers of Kidney patients.

Unlike other kidney charities, the NKF has only two roles campaigning for improvements to renal provision and treatment, and national patient support services.

CLIC Sargent and Diabetes Guernsey

Captain Keith Dye - 2018

A Charity that supports children and young people with cancer and offers support to their families. The Charity has built a new Home from Home close to Southhampton Hospital, called "Jean's House", for families to use, while their child is receiving cancer treatment. 

This is not the only Charity that Keith was supporting.

It is a local charity which aims to help people to 'live well' with diabetes. They aim to support people with all types of diabetes and their families in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Their purpose is to ensure that local people with diabetes and their families have support, to raise awareness of diabetes and provide education for everyone. Diabetes Guernsey aims to raise funds to achieve these goals through various events.

Both Charities received an equal amount from the amount raised from L'Ancresse Golf Club Members - a fantastic amount and thanks to you, the Members for your generous support throughout the year. 

If you wish to donate further to his worthwhile Charities, please "clic" on the links. - CLICSARGENT - DIABETES GUERNSEY

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