World Handicap System

What you need to know!

England & Golf Union have a number of useful links to help all players understand the WHS. Below are some of the most popular ones that we have found:-

Please click HERE to be directed to GOLFER EDUCATION HUB

Please click HERE to be directed to the RULES of HANDICAPPING - Players Guide

Please click HERE for to be directed to the England & Golf website.

Please click HERE for the WHS Privacy Notice.

The VIDEOS below will give everyone an idea of what all these new terms mean and what the WHS is all about.

Simply click on the IMAGE's to watch the tutorials. The Glossary of Terms and FAQ are PDF to help you get started.

Glossary of Terms

Course Rating video

Course & Slope rating table eg.

Slope Rating video

Handicap Index video

Course Handicap video

Playing Handicap video

Golfers Frequently Asked Questions

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