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Established 1895

Captain - Geoff Meagher

Welcome to the

L’Ancresse Golf Club

Dear Members

Welcome to the L'Ancresse Golf Club website. Please don't forget to check the Blog and our Facebook page for up to date information.

Thank you for electing me as your President for the next three years - I am looking forward to the role and to continuing the fantastic work of previous Presidents and committees.

Congratulations and thanks to Peter Kenney and the committees that have served with him for steering the Club into a very strong position.

During the next few years the Club, together with our friends at The Royal, face a number of interesting and potentially significant challenges. It is vital, in my opinion, that the Clubs work even more closely together to negotiate the best possible outcomes for all members, whilst maintaining the individual characteristics of both Clubs.

Whilst considering what to say, I recalled when I first joined L'Ancresse in 1986. The bar was downstairs and was manned by the first member of the committee to finish their round. The building was only on ground level. What progress the club has made!

Someone mentioned that L'Ancresse had started in a similar way to many of the Artisan Clubs in the UK. I looked up the definition of artisan. "Tradesmen who make things" was the definition and it listed numerous trades. To me this is what L"Ancresse is all about. A mixtures of guys from all sorts of differing trades and skills who have one thing in common, to enjoy their golf and to enjoy the company of their fellow members.

My goals are to maintain the Club's strong identity and to do all I can, along with the voluntary members of the committee, to ensure that members have an enjoyable and welcoming "home" from which to play their golf.

Have a great 2014 and enjoy your golf.

Tony Crawley

Enjoying our Golf since 1895

Tony Crawley - President

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Future of the Golf Course at L’Ancresse.

You will be aware that for around 10 years negotiations have been taking place over the future lease of the Golf Course, which is due for renewal in 2016.

There has been substantial media coverage of this matter in recent weeks as a result of comments made by the President of the L’Ancresse Commons Council.

In response the Clubs that use the L’Ancresse Golf Course have issued a joint statement. To read the full statement as issued to the media - Click Here. To read the supporting Briefing Note - Click Here.