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Established 1895

Captain - Alan Collenette

Welcome to the

L’Ancresse Golf Club

Dear Members,

The 2014 playing season got off to a slow start due to the excessive rain, but behind the scenes your Committee was working on plans for the year.

News articles from the UK suggested that fellow clubs had shrinking memberships. At that time our waiting list was contracting, but it is pleasing to report that our list has now increased due to a number of factors, but not least, through word of mouth amongst members and a limited amount of advertising.

We sat down with a cross section of members to see what, as a Club, we needed to focus on. L’Ancresse Golf Club has a fantastic atmosphere and we all agreed that this camaraderie and enjoyment should be maintained moving forward and that any changes should aim to enhance what is a great home from which to play golf.

Our competitions have been well supported and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our generous and valued sponsors.

The Club is in great shape and I would like to thank everyone on the Committee, those who have helped run competitions and the many that help with the running of the club.

Congratulations to Geoff Meagher for an outstanding year as Captain and I would like to wish Alan Collenette, our Captain for 2015, and all members, an enjoyable and successful year.

Tony Crawley


Enjoying our Golf since 1895

Tony Crawley - President

Hot Spot

Tim Carter and Roy Martel share the Sandy Trophy after both enjoy great seasons. It all came down to the wire but in the end they both got hold of the trophy. Roy also picked up the Don Eker trophy for the over 60’s.

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Dave Goupillot

Winner of the Labet Malet